June 2014

LittleZebra Shopper & Dr. PetPlay Partner for Pretend Play

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Children’s app developers Hans-Peter of Delft, the Netherlands and Pretendasaurus of Portland, OR have worked together to create two new sets of printable fold-to-make toys that are now available through the Little Zebra Shopper Gold edition and as an in app purchase for the Little Zebra Shopper app. The printable fold-to-make toys complement both Hans-Peter’s Little Zebra Shopper apps and Pretendasaurus’ Dr. PetPlay apps. The Little Zebra shopper Gold edition and free version of the Little Zebra Shopper app turn the iPad into a working cash register that rings up the printable toys by scanning a bar code to play shopkeeper. Dr. PetPlay is an iPad app that lets kids play veterinarian with their own plush animals.

The apps are open-ended, encourage cooperative play and have a realistic prop-like design that prepares the environment for children to create their own games. Both apps have been highly recommended and reviewed by parents, children, educators, app review sites, therapists and speech language pathologists. Dr. PetPlay has also featured by Apple in Best New Apps.

The new printable fold-to-make toys are available in both a Pet Shop and Medical Themed set. The Pet Shop set will include pet food, pet toys and a fish tank. The medical set contains items for children to play pet doctor with items such as bandages, shampoo and a toothbrush to care for their plush toys. The boxes have a functional lid that opens and closes when assembled. Little Zebra Shopper apps and Dr. PetPlay apps can be played together on the iPad by switching between apps seamlessly during children’s creative play.

Little Zebra Shopper Gold edition and Dr. PetPlay are available on the App Store at for the price of $2.99. Little Zebra Shopper is a free app requiring an in app purchase for the printable toys and Dr. PetPlay also has a free version to play veterinarian with a cat.

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LittleZebra Partership Press Release - PDF

May 2014

Thank you Schools

We've recently had some big education bulk purchases for schools in the USA. We'd love to hear how you are using Dr. PetPlay. If you would like to reach out, please email us and we'll send you stickers and other goodies. Thanks.

Watch Toby Price (a special needs dad, a principal to 650 and a Jed-iPad Master of Educational Technology) discuss Dr. PetPlay in his YouTube video app review.

How Speech Language Pathologists are Using Dr. PetPlay article

March 2014

Localization is Coming

We send a big THANK YOU to all our fans who have sent feedback, reviewed our app and sent pictures. Also, global fans - We've heard you and are currently planning localizing Dr. PetPlay so that everyone can play around the world. Stay tuned.

January 2014

Apple Best of Education Apps

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We have just been selected as Best New Apps in Education by Apple!
Thank you AppStore! We are honored and thrilled.

November 2013

Dr. PetPlay Is 10% iPad App, 90% Child-Directed Fun.

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Pretendasaurus, a Portland-based children's app studio has launched Dr. PetPlay and Dr. PetPlay Free exclusively for the iPad. The first in a series of Pretend Play Apps, Dr. PetPlay is COPPA compliant, iOS 6 and 7 ready and available on the App Store.

Dr. PetPlay lets children ages 6-10 imagine being a veterinarian by caring for their own stuffed animals. The app’s features, just like a blanket fort or mini kitchen, become a fun part of children’s imaginative play in the real world.

The app is not a game. It has no rules or levels and the flow is open-ended. The amount of players is only limited by the roles kid's dream up, which makes it easy for families and lots of friends to play or for a child’s imagination and all of their animals. Using children's own stuffed animals, toys, or even drawings with the app means there are no toys with sensors or codes needed. Cooperative role playing can cultivate empathy as children take turns being a doctor or animal caregiver.

As family-friendly developers, Pretendasaurus respects privacy. There are no ads, in-app purchases, social media access, third-party advertising or links to the web. Buttons which lead to the App Store for reviews (or free version to buy) are protected by a custom parental gate. All data and photos are contained within the app and no identifying information is gathered.

Dr. PetPlay Free comes with a Cat so that children can truly experience the app's total play potential. Currently, the full version has 10 popular animals and is available exclusively on the iPad App Store.

Dr. PetPlay Press Release - PDF


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