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“Smartphones and tablets are great new tools for learning, but sometimes Mom and Dad might worry that their little ones are spending too much time in front of a screen instead of using their imaginations. Good news! Pretendasaurus has stepped up to the challenge of integrating make-believe and technology with their new app.”

- Camila Amanda

“The fact that the app encourages cooperative role play is also a huge benefit. Many educational apps are designed for single players, and while it is not necessarily a bad thing, I do feel that juniors should also learn to socialize and cooperate with others. Dr. PetPlay makes playing together more fun. ”

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- Toby Price

“It's an awesome tool because it's not just a game, it encourages creative play and imaginative play.”

App Advice
- Brent Dirks

“My daughter and I really enjoyed getting to play with Dr. PetPlay. She has a room full of stuffed animals, and had a blast examining each and every one of them with my help. Open-ended apps like these help kids just have fun and not worry about getting a high score. I highly recommend it as a fun way to spend time with your kids and let them explore their imaginations. ”
- Amanda Morin

“The nice thing about Dr. PetPlay is that it relies more on your child's imagination than technology. Your child does all the work; the app is simply a tool to use in pretend play, much like a toy doctor's kit is. Best of all, it performs well and is fun and engaging. It's unusual to find an educational app that doesn't prescribe the rules or parameters of the game.”

The Appy Ladies
- Christie Dwyer

“Here is a great age range where there is a lot of creativity and imagination! These visits can even lead to creative writing, so there are opportunities to take this app further than just the veterinary visit. Cute pretend play app!”

Bits & Bytes, One Appy Mama
- Charly James

“This app has far exceeded my expectations along with the joy of watching both of my children use it. ” - Nov 21, 2013

Silicon Florist
- Rick Turoczy

“I have to say, as someone who has worked in digital healthcare for a decade, this is way better than 90% of the EMR products I've seen. The X-Ray functionality is awesome. And it looks pretty fun, too.”

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